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Chemical Information

It is essential that you know the physical data and safety precautions for each chemical that you use in the organic labs. This information is contained in several places, including the bottle label, the MSDS, the lab handbook, and online sources. The main purpose of this page is to link you to online sources of chemical information.

Please read these related areas on this site: Hazardous Chemicals and Waste Disposal.

Online Sources

The Internet has some excellent sites for chemical information. The following are recommended for general information on a compound. Another source of physical data and hazard information is the MSDS for that compound.

General chemical information

Focus on safety

Focus on carcinogens

A compound needs to be on one of the following lists to be officially a carcinogen. Please also visit the organic chemistry toxicology nomenclature page, section on carcinogens.

Printed Sources

Most of the information you will need in the lab courses is in the back of the Handbook for Organic Chemistry Lab, available in the bookstore, and on reserve in the Library. The information in the Handbook was taken from either the CRC, Merck Index, and/or Aldrich Catalogue. These are excellent printed sources for physical and hazard data on compounds. Each of these reference books is available in the Science Library and in the Organic Chemistry Stockroom.