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A list of tutors for all chemistry courses is available online. You must be on CU campus, or using VPN, to access it.

This list provides contact information for tutors for specified courses which the Department of Chemistry certifies for government-funded tutoring programs. This list does not restrict tutoring from other people, or of other courses by the listed tutors unless the tutoring service must be certified by the Department. The primary criterion for selection for this list is previous service as a TA in the course and desire to serve as a tutor.

TAs may not tutor for money in courses in which they currently serve as a TA, no matter whether the student is or is not in their section.

If you have any problems or questions, or would like to be added to this list please contact the Director of Undergraduate Academic Affairs:
Office: Ekeley M199
Phone: 303-492-8950
Email: chemundergrad@colorado.edu